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Best Gaming Laptop Under 50000 in Pakistan

Best Gaming Laptop Under 50000 in Pakistan

Best Gaming Laptop Under 50000 in Pakistan Rupees: Affordable Options for Students In the realm of gaming laptops, finding a budget-friendly option under 15000 rupees may seem like an arduous task, but it is not an impossible feat. By strategically focusing on additional storage and RAM, one can transform an affordable laptop into a surprisingly capable gaming machine.

Best Gaming Laptop Under 50000 in Pakistan list

While many options are available, including Core i5 and Core i7 laptops, these high-end models may not be financially viable for the average person. In this comprehensive article, we will delve into a list of ten gaming laptops that are not only under 15000 rupees but also well-suited for normal use, office work, and even casual gaming. If you want a laptop for gaming for the office or for normal use under 15000 you land on the right place in the following list there are 7 laptops according to you.

Micromax Canvas LT666 Laptop

The Micromax Canvas LT666 Laptop is an ideal choice for students. seeking an online work companion or a laptop for completing school assignments. With its 10.1-inch display, the size strikes a perfect balance, not being too big or too small. The laptop boasts 2GB RAM and 32GB expandable storage, offering the ability to run Windows 10 effortlessly. For improved performance, users can install Windows 7 or any other compatible version. Furthermore, the inclusion of a 2-megapixel rear camera and a 2-megapixel front camera makes it a versatile device for everyday use.

Acer One 10 S1002-15XR

The Acer One 10 S1002-15XR stands out for its remarkable versatility, owing to its rotatable design. This feature provides added convenience for users who desire a laptop that performs exceptionally well and allows seamless multitasking. Equipped with 2GB RAM, it adequately handles routine tasks. What sets this laptop apart is its impressive 8400mAh battery capacity, ensuring extended hours of usage on a single charge. With a price tag of just 15000 rupees, it offers an attractive option for those seeking a laptop for office work, online tasks, or even some light gaming.

The RDP ThinBook

The RDP ThinBook impresses with its moderate screen size and comes with 2GB RAM and expandable 32GB storage, offering ample space for essential files and documents. Users have the flexibility to add more storage as per their requirements. Its standout feature lies in its long-lasting battery life, boasting an impressive 10000mAh, making it a reliable companion for on-the-go productivity. This laptop proves to be a wise investment for students looking for an affordable device that supports Windows 10 and excels in online work. People Find Best Gaming Laptop Under 50000 in Pakistan so I think the laptop is the best compared to others.

Lenovo IdeaPad 100S

The Lenovo IdeaPad 100S makes an excellent choice for individuals in need of a multitasking laptop for office work and homework. Featuring 2GB RAM and 32GB storage, expandable as needed, this laptop offers a smooth and efficient performance. The commendable 8-hour battery life on a single charge ensures sustained productivity during travels or long commutes. With an 11.8-inch screen size, this laptop caters to students, as well as those requiring a reliable device for homework or part-time online jobs. if you have money so Lenovo IdeaPad 100S Best Gaming Laptop Under 50000 in Pakistan.

Dell Inspiron 1122 AMD Laptop

Dell, renowned for its longevity and reliability in the computer market, presents the Dell Inspiron 1122 AMD Laptop. Boasting 4GB RAM, this laptop delivers a seamless and efficient performance, handling multitasking, high-performance web browsers, and offering 320GB storage capacity for data storage. Ideal for office work, homework, and casual gaming, this laptop is compatible with various Windows versions, including Windows 10, allowing users to choose their preferred operating system with ease.

HP Elitebook 6930p

HP, a well-established name in the laptop industry, offers the HP Elitebook 6930p, catering to the needs of students and professionals alike. With a 14-inch display, this laptop provides a comfortable viewing experience. Powered by a Core 2 Duo processor, it ensures smooth and efficient performance. With 2GB RAM and 250GB storage, expandable as needed, it offers sufficient resources for everyday tasks. Its compatibility with Windows 10 makes it an excellent choice for online work or office-related tasks.

iBall Exemplaire CompBook

The iBall Exemplaire CompBook is a reliable laptop option with 2GB RAM and 32GB expandable storage, capable of running Windows 10 and other compatible operating systems. With its 14-inch display, it strikes a balance between portability and usability. The standout feature of this laptop is its impressive 10000mAh battery, ensuring extended battery life for uninterrupted productivity. Priced at only 14000 rupees, it presents an affordable option for students. individuals looking for a performant laptop for online work and everyday use. This is one of the Best Gaming Laptop Under 50000 in Pakistan.


These are some of the best laptops available under 15000 rupees, each with its unique set of features. Whether you are a student, need a laptop for online work. these laptops offer great value for the price. a minimum of 2GB RAM and expandable storage of more than 32GB, they are well-equipped to handle various tasks, including casual gaming. Choos the laptop that suits your needs and enjoys the benefits of affordable yet capable computing.

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