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How to Remove Batteries from Dell Laptops

People don’t know how to remove batteries from Dell laptops some time people remove the battery from laptops. So I am telling you how to remove the battery from a Dell laptop and save your battery. There are many methods but I am providing you with their simple and easy method, first of all, there are lots of methods. Because some laptop consists of 6 cell battery and some 9 cell battery and some lithium battery. So there are three types of battery brands provided in your laptop. So that’s why I am providing the three different ways where you can remove battery easily from your laptop.

The first one is if you have 6 cell laptop battery so first of all you rotate your laptop in your backside and hold the battery, and second, open the battery lock carefully and push. After that you can see your battery is removed easily and also the battery is safe and this is your responsibility to remove the carefully battery and you’ve not lost your battery.

Show the second method is 9 cell battery. 9 cell battery is amazing and the battery timing is also good. So therefore the battery price is starting 20 dollars to 50 dollars. Some latest laptops come with 9 cell batteries and people don’t know how to remove batteries from Dell laptops. There is no different method almost all are the same. The first method I am telling you to rotate your laptop carefully from the backside and you can see 9 cell battery bumper is large. Hold the battery bumper and push the locks it can easily remove from your laptop but sometimes it’s not removed. So you cannot push hard if you can push harder then your laptop battery would be damaged.

Softly push the 9 cell battery so your battery is removed easily. This Excel battery timing is not good in 2022 because if you are using 9 cell battery and lithium battery then you use 6 cell battery and you can see a huge difference in your 6 cell battery. And if you play their games with high graphics so your battery is continuously drained fast. So I am telling you buying always 9 cell batteries and lithium batteries because their performance timing is good and also recharge easily and provide long-life battery backup.

The lithium battery is advanced and the latest technology in the laptop. Already smartphone brands provide lithium batteries in every device. Because lithium battery timing is excellent and if you play their high graphics games and continuously edit. So your Battery timing is good and you can easily charge this type of laptop. Chromebook and workstation easily charge with your mobile phone charger because it’s connected with a type c cable. This is advanced technology and smartphone brand provide previously 2 years continuously in every device and also laptop brand relies on this technology that is need of every user but this technology is expensive and Apple MacBook offers this technology in all their upcoming devices. User if you have a budget so buy a lithium battery laptop always.

So the third method I am telling you is how to remove the battery from a Dell laptop if you have a lithium battery laptop. So you can easily remove your battery as compared to 9 cell battery and 6 cell battery. You need to remove your battery in your Dell laptop and the new Dell laptop is a lithium battery. So you hold the battery and you can easily remove the battery in your laptop at this type of battery is not damaged easily and the battery timing is good. But the disadvantage of lithium batteries is price because the battery is not referred to by all people and it’s available inexpensive laptop. So if you want to buy a lithium battery so you must have high range of costs.

Apple provides lithium batteries in their MacBook Pro and Macbook Air. This battery quality is very strong and does not break easily. Apple made gaming laptops and provide all laptops in more price with lithium batteries. This battery is charged only type c cable and you can easily charge your smartphone charger with your laptop. Lithium batteries have many benefits because their battery backup is long and their build quality is strong that’s mean your money is not wasted but this technology is let us in laptop. So you cannot afford this technology the second-hand laptop easily buys this battery. But you check the battery health is good if your battery health is not good so your battery backup is also not good and you can’t work continuously in your laptop and if you have a lithium battery. Therefore the battery backup is good but if you use 6 cell battery and 9 cell battery laptop so as compared to lithium battery their battery backup is very low but the price is also very low as compared to lithium battery and you can easily charge your lithium battery with every type of smartphone charger. But the 6 cell battery and 9 cell battery is also charged with a laptop charger and never charged with other model laptop charger. It only charges with an original charger which is provided by the company inbox.

Methods you can remove your battery with your Dell laptop there is really all people do this method because there are no difficult stages and if you work on my method so you save your battery and also you can save your money.

If you remove your battery hardly so you damage your battery and you need to buy a new battery then your laptop is working. So if don’t want to face this problem in the future so read my article and apply my all method in your practical life. Therefore your battery health is good and you never lost your battery.

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