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Remote Cleaning Business: Have you ever thought in your life that if you are going to start your own cleaning company, how to start it? A cleaning company or a cleaning business is the easiest business to start. But there are some people among us who prefer only to manage the business. And they don’t do actual cleaning at all. Today we will explain to you exactly what a cleaning business actually is and how to start it in the true sense.

We are going to talk about Neel Parekh. Who started this business in 2013. This person presented the concept of cleaning or remote cleaning to the company which already had earnings of 166k$ above. This company offers franchises to small business people that make it easy for them to earn or start their business very easily. The best part is that this person did this for 5 years and built his franchise in 50 countries.

Now we will talk about how to start this company, how to market it, how to run all these systems, we will talk to you in full detail.

What is a Remote Cleaning Business?

A remote cleaning business is a company we call a cleaning company. Whoever owns it can sit anywhere in the world and market it and hire people from anywhere and make it a business. And the workers have to do whatever cleaning orders they have for their clients in the place or region or within the country where they start their business. Hires and keeps the resources with him already so that we can start working for any kind of work that comes.

And what is a real cleaning business you can start without cleaning.

What Businesses Can Be Remote Cleaning Business?

If you want to run any business from anywhere, you have to keep three basic things in mind.

  • The cleaning staff you have should be in a good place and they should arrive as soon as possible to clean. The cleaning company that runs all the time everyone needs cleaning.
  • Always starting a small business should have low overhead. You Can’t  carry too much inventory. They cannot hold too much load. 
  • All the work you have needs to be done remotely

I have an offer for you guys to open your own franchise. If you want to get a chance to open your own franchise, then wait until the end of the article. You will get this opportunity within this article. And when you read this article completely, you will have a proper opportunity and you will also have a proper plan on how to start your business and how it is started and where you will get the franchise.

Remote Cleaning Business ideas

So as far as remote business is concerned it has two categories.

  • Online businesses
  • Local service businesses

So let’s talk about online business, we present you some ideas about online business that will help you understand a lot.

If you want to get your business off the ground successfully, you will need the business ideas that we have provided below.

Online Store:

You have to sell your business on an online website like you have to make it your own store or you have to sell it to those who already have a store like we have for example Amazon. Can sell this business online by drop shipping.


Talk about topics that people are very interested in hearing about. You can grow your business by doing sponsorship, this is also a very good idea. 

Youtube Creator:

You can create your own YouTube channel and promote your work on it or promote your business in the description of a major YouTube video.

Online tutoring business:

You can start an online tutoring business where you have many sites. Like TutorMe, Skooli, Wyzant in this type of sites.


You can grow your business through freelancing and you can take your remote batch to the next level by using platforms like Upwork,Fiverr and Freelancing.

Online courses:

If you have any skill, you can start it as a course and sell it and promote your remote business in the same way.

If you talk about remote cleaning business, you can start many other things like e-commerce considering human issues and accounting and thus grow your business.

Now let’s talk about the second category which is local service business

You can understand and use whatever strategy Neel had for this business:


If you look at Neel’s cleanliness and his business choices because whatever techniques he had or whatever services he applied, they were very important and he was very easy. Will have to choose good employees as there are many places that are in dire need of cleaning. Also, everyone has all the equipment they need.


If we talk about locks, locks are part of the caste that is exchangeable. This means that if we follow the same strategies, we will need to include a remote lock which can be a part of our business.


It will be very easy for you to remotely operate the painted house that will be your small business. I think you’ll need AI to handle the whole thing. AI will keep pulling as many B design papers as you have. You will be able to solve it easily, how much is the area of ​​the house and what is the calculation of painting of the house, it will make your business much easier.

Pressure washing:

You may face some challenges with a pressure washing machine. Your effort will be to keep your remote business running smoothly. you need to concentrate a little on this.

How to start a remote cleaning business

It is very easy for you to start a remote business from anywhere in the world. What are the things you need to keep in mind to start a remote cleaning business and what are the processes you will face?

  • Perform market research.
  • Write a business plan.
  • Create a website and CRM.
  • Set up a payment processor.
  • Create your business structure.

Perform market research

We have so many people in this world who have business ideas. But they never want to make satisfactory profit business conversion. It is that if we try to advance this change within it, we may fail. But they don’t realize is that the chances of success of their business are very high. You need to do some research and you need to go with full feedback and full advice and your business will be very profitable.

You need social media marketing for remote link business and you have to put your location on Google so that people will find it.

When you succeed in becoming a social media marketer, the world will start searching for you and your sales will also start increasing because of the good searches in your business.

All you need is to understand the marketing strategy, to understand its prizes, to understand your competitor.

Write a business plan

As with any successful business needs a plan. We need to make a proper model and plan what changes we can make in this business or how to take this business. You have to create a system that you have to pay full attention.

If you want to run a successful business remotely you will need some systems which are as follows:

  • You will have to provide 24/7 hours call service.
  • You should also provide automatic SMS and mail system.
  • Online booking system also requires a lot.
  • You will need to manage employes.
  • Slack.

You have to make translation service necessary in this category. This service can be very useful for you as you are offering your services in a foreign country as they don’t understand your language and you don’t understand their language so you have a lot of difficulties in knowing things. So you can add this translation service. Which will be much easier for your client and for you.

Create a website and CRM

Starting a remote business requires a good website and good relationship management system:

What are the most important things to include in a website for you to start a remote cleaning business?

  • Home page
  • Booking page
  • Services page (include pricing)
  • About us page
  • Locations page

And if you want a good website that suits your needs then you can contact us. We will try our best to meet your expectations.


You have a customer relationship management system that we call CRM. Which acts as a database and interface for you. Which will be very helpful for the ease of your company when you are running the company. Most CRM do not work the same way, some CRM work differently. 

But below are the things that are inside the CRM you need:

  • Online booking system
  • Call support system
  • SMS and email marketing systems
  • Payroll and accounting system
  • Dispatch system
  • Invoicing and payment processing

Every CRM works in its own way, some are different and some are more difficult, so you should check first as a demo to see which one will work best for you.

Set up a payment processor

You also have customers to win your cleaners, who give you money after cleaning from you, and who are your cleaners, who you have to pay in return for the cleaning. Needs to be kept. Generally, most business owners use stripes because it is very easy to use. 

But apart from that we have some option:

  • Helcim
  • Square
  • Stax by Fattmerchant

These are the four best payment methods. You can use it to transfer all your payments.

Choose a business structure

The first thing you need to do is check the USPTO and the Secretary of State’s website where you will be working. So it is important that you have to keep your business name, which remote business is available or not. And if it exists then apply for its EIN number. So that your name can be protected in this country. You will then need to go to the Secretary of State’s Office website to apply for an LLC.

We need to fill out some taxes and forms. The forms that need to be read are given below:

  • Form 8832
  • Form 2553
  • IRS
  • S-Corp tax
  • Potentially reduced taxes
  • No double taxation
  • Wages paid to owners
  • Dividends paid with profits

After filling all these you are provided LLC which is very beneficial for you.


As you can see, we talked about remote cleaning business, what are the categories within it, how can we start it, some types of it we talked about, within it we have online. How can you start your business properly? You have to keep all these things in mind to take your business to new heights.

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